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Conservas BayMar

Conservas BayMar

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Our principles:

  • We want to bring the highest number of people closer to the benefits of canned seafood and fish, so characteristic of the Mediterranean diet.
  • We push ourselves to fish the best of the sea, relying always in sustainable fishing
  • And by doing our job with responsibility, honesty, excellence, creativity, innovation and effort.

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This is the story of a father and his son. A story of how the father, Juan Coll Vilaró, dives into the canned seafood industry during the 60s and, at the right time, he includes his son, Alfonso Coll, in that industry, so that he can acquire all the expertise of the sector. By the end of the 80s this young entrepreneur sets up Redisco Alimentación S.L, with the dream of putting into practice all the know-how learnt from his father about canned seafood and fish.

We started commercialising mainly appetiser-destined products, for that moment before a meal, when many families and friends get together to share experiences around a table. All of them under the label Conservas BayMar.

As time went by, in 2001, we expanded our offer to other products such as tuna, tuna belly, albacore and sardines. In addition, we developed a specific range for the FoodService/Industrial channel, which led to us to become a recognised supplier in the sector. In 2003 we started with land-born products: filled olives, asparagus, peppers, etc.

Finally, in 2006, we created the BayMar Gourmet range, destined to the channel of assisted specialised sales, and with the purpose of adding an added value to the products we have always offered.

Nowadays we work with the same passion we started with, in order to offer our consumers the best of the sea.

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Why choose BayMar preserves?

  • We select the best place of origin for each species and their best fishing times.
  • We pack all our products while keeping intact their nutritional input and we follow 100% craft, safety and natural procedures. Our products are synonymous with health and taste.
  • Our Executive Team is in charge of tasting every product that is distributed throughout our different channels.
  • We always work to bring to your table the best of the sea, taking care of the environment with sustainable and respectful fishing practices.
  • Our long history in this sector makes us able to come ahead of time and adapt to the personal needs of every client. The flexibility and proximity in our relationships is something we carry in our DNA.
  • Our great variety of ranges, formats of products and experience gives us the opportunity to offer a series of conveniences to the whole Food Service/Industrial channel.
Empresa Internacional

International presence

Our family, Conservas BayMar, keeps growing slowly. We started with having presence in the local and regional market and, with time, we have taken small steps towards the national market. As we gained experience we kept pushing our limits. We work every day with the hope and intention of expanding further and taking Conservas BayMar around the world.

Presence in international markets:

  • Western and Eastern Europe
  • Panama
  • Mexico
  • USA
  • Hong Kong