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Preserved Food


Our passion for cockles takes us to explore the best origins for this seafood, collecting it by hand and canning it when it is still fresh so as to offer a level of quality that is hard to find nowadays.

One of the most recognised origins of this bivalve is the Galician Rías. The confluence of fresh and salt water bestows the seafood a level and quality of nutrients that make it special, both in terms of flavour and nutritional enrichment.

Here at Conservas Baymar we have a wide range of different sizes and types of cockles, all of which with an unbeatable price/quality ratio.


You’ll be happy to know they have a large number of benefits to your health, for example:

  • They have a high percentage of iodine. In particular, according to the Spanish Foundation for Nutrition, a single portion of cockles covers more than 60% of the recommended daily iodine intake.
  • They barely have any fat or carbohydrates.
  • They are rich in protein of a high biological value, as well as in omega-3 fatty acids.
  • They contain a high degree of iron, which helps prevent anaemia problems.
  • Besides, they contribute a great amount of calcium and phosphorus, which are fundamental for keeping healthy bones and teeth.
  • The amounts of phosphorus, potassium and selenium help regulate blood circulation and prevent cardiovascular problems.
  • Moreover, the cockles provide B12 vitamin, which can help improve mental agility and combat memory loss.

We invite you to try our cockles, you won’t be disappointed!