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Piquillo Strips
Preserved Food

Piquillo Strips

Piquillo peppers are known as the “red gold” of the Navarre fields.

Here at Conservas BayMar we offer you Piquillo peppers originating from Lodosa, the most renowned town out of the eight that are mentioned in the designation of origin.

They come in strips to facilitate their direct consumption and their presentation on different meals and appetisers.
If you haven’t yet tried them, wait no more. You’ll love them!


  • Peppers are mostly made of water. For that reason, they have a very low caloric input, with very little presence of carbohydrates or fat.
  • Being rich in fibre, it strengthens colon health.
  • They have many antioxidant properties, which help against cell oxidation, prostate cancer and memory loss.
  • They are a powerful anti-aging treatment that will improve the aspect of your skin.