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Preserved Food


What if you were told that the life expectancy of clams could be as long as 150 years? Would you have imagined it?

Our clams come from Galicia, France and Holland, and are grooved carpet shells (fina), pullet carpet shells (babosa) and short-necked clams (japónica). These are characterised by being among the best species of clams in the world.

The fishing method we use at Conservas BayMar is shellfishing on foot. This technique consists of stirring the seabed with rakes and collecting the clams one by one by hand.


The Spanish Foundation for Nutrition emphasises the high levels of iron and iodine in this bivalve mollusc. For practical purposes:

  • They prevent and combat anaemia, thanks to their high content in iron.
  • The iodine transforms foodstuff into energy, which helps the correct activity of our organism.
  • They are beneficial for our bones thanks to their calcium contribution.
  • They are appropriate for weight control diets, given their low amount of calories, fats and hydrates.
  • They are also rich in potassium, a very necessary mineral for the nervous system and muscular activity.